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inner revolution.
The real revolution is fought from within...
Gripped by the jaws of a trap, the chains of our own actions.
By each action the grip tightens, and the pain increases... like a dog chasing its tail, I see we run ourselves in circles.
Frantically relieving the appetite for pleasure at all costs... ignore the consequences. Only to create more craving, more suffering.
Yet out of this frustration arises the idea that there must be something more than this. A place where we can truly call our home.
Idle time, means to remain in these golden shackles of misery.
Yet to take up this quest means to declare war on ourselves.
Our greatest enemy, illusion, has very potent allies. Fear, anger, hatred, greed, sloth, and despair.
She lurks within like a cancer, infecting and dragging us back to our prison cell.
Torn between the two, I make a choice.
To take up the quest, to fight against these evils... discover what lies beneath this flesh. Discover the inner depths of my soul, my eternal position. The TRUTH.
This is my quest... my inner revolution.

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The title INNER REVOLUTION represents the struggles that we face throughout our lives. We are torn between our original identities as spiritual beings and our temporary identities as material beings. This duality causes great pain and suffering. I find that the material ultimately leads us to more pain. This is what brought me to search for the spiritual. INNER REVOLUTION is about where my quest to find the spiritual has lead me, and some of my thoughts, realizations, and feelings that I have come across along the way.